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    Sapphire Head Technique


    Continously developing technology, is an indispensable element of the health sector, making our lives easier. The combination of high technology with new techniques in the field of hair transplantation increases the quality and naturalness of the result at a high level.

    The sapphire head, the new invention of hair transplantation technology, uses tips from real sapphire. There are many differences between the known FUE technique. With the sharpness and durability of a sapphire, it has been observed that the healing process has two times faster healing potential, especially for prevention from scars. The sapphire tip technique has made it easier for the hair transplantation industry to achieve a visibly natural look. It has become a more preferred method for us because of their contribution to natural image.

    In the operations using sapphire tipped needles, 3D and natural angled channels can be opened on the skin. Since the opened channels are the same size as the hair follicles, we can now reduce the damage to the transplanted tissue and the formation of edema after application. This shows that patients can be more comfortable in every sense after the operation. freepik_21343307.jpg Additionally, the most important difference to the classical FUE channel angle is the most suitable bed for the grafts, multiple incisions at the end of the sapphire blade, thus minimizing graft loss, and directly affects the hair transplantation result. Fewer hair loss leads to more intense hair results.

    Through the use of sapphire tip technique, the patients healing process might be faster, graft loss will slow down and the new hair begins growing faster and healthier. The patient will be able to return to it work and social life within a few days. Additionally, the sapphire tip technique increases the planted amount of grafts in square centimeters.

    Finally, it is to mention that you should communicate your wished result with your hair transplant specialist really precisely, so that the surgery is palnned according to your expectations.